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"A whole galaxy of multicolored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers..."

Chamberlain are Marco Barbera (drums), Sergio La Fata and Francesco Venti (guitars), Sebastiano Pisasale (bass) and Sergio Manfredi (vocals). They come from Catania, Italy, and they were formed in 2009. They play an alternative rock inspired by rock & blues of 70s and 90s, a sort of connection between Rolling Stones and Pearl Jam, acid-rock and psychedelic Lennon.

After a few months of adjustment, the new line begins in Catania and quickly tread many stages of eastern Sicily receiving critical acclaim. In January 2010, Chamberlain release their first EP, Good Old Days, working with the controversial Italian artist Giuseppe Veneziano, providing them one of his most famous works for the album cover. At the same time, the band is selected to perform at the prestigious Live-Mi, musical event organized by Red Ronnie in Milan, and also leads to the final of Italia Wave, the most famous Italian rock-festival. In December of that year the band release the digital single Moon In June/Superstition, which totals about two thousand plays in just over 15 days in.

We are the Chamberlain, five Sicilians singing english.

The Lord Chamberlain's Men XVI century

The Lord Chamberlain's Men (The servants of the Lord Chamberlain), also known by the name of Chamberlain's Men was a famous English theatrical company that was in vogue from the late sixteenth century until the middle of the next. The company is also famous for being the place where William Shakespeare wrote and acted for most of his career.
We come from the sea, the sun of Sicily, but we don't sing in the dialect of the sea, of the sun of Sicily, because we think that the traditions are not a point of arrival but of departure.
The Chamberlain are a bass, two guitars, drums and vocal.
Chamberlain like rock music and not the plastic music.
Chamberlain don't like those songs that after ten minutes you don't know what to do with them and go to the next one.
Chamberlain like those songs that, even in ten years, remain beautiful and immortal.
Chamberlain like the Beatles because they were simple and direct, and Bob Dylan, because he was someone who had much to say and he did it.
Chamberlain like 90's because people had much to say and they tried to say.
Chamberlain like to dress well and not to think to dress.
Chamberlain like the artists talking through their art and nothing else, because they don't need anything else to talk.
Chamberlain don't like people who say "good" so to speak.
Chamberlain like people who listen as well as participates.
Chamberlain like to talk through distorted guitars, bass driven, dirty voice, a bit sick melodies.
Chamberlain like to perform live in places where you play, you sweat, you scream (a little ', just a little') because lives are the sex of the music and we enjoy it so much.

The Chamberlain are "a whole galaxy of multicolored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers."


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